1:6 scale Deck of 52 Bicycle (Blue) Backed Playing Cards

1:6 scale Deck of 52 Bicycle (Blue) Backed Playing Cards




People have asked about these for a LONG while. And although the graphics for the suits were easy and the Bicycle backs and face card graphics were dificult and time consuming, the creating of the artwork was NOT the problem causing me to not offer these. The problem was the thickness. Imagine 52 sheets of paper. MUCH thicker than a 1:6 scale deck of cards SHOULD be. A thin paper such as tracing paper or typing paper would be thin, but would also allow the one side to ghost through to the other, would not be glossy and would not have the correct texture. But I was able to find a BEAUTIFUL glossy brochure paper that seems to work well!

So here’s our 1:6 scale deck of all 52 playing cards with a blue Bicycle back graphic. Printed with greatly detailed graphic images on both sides – you will be amazed at the detail we put into these. These are labor intensive (and the cost of the brochure paper is a bit more than your run of the mill paper), so the cost may be a bit more than what is offered by others – but those who know me, know my quality is second to none. I also ask that purchases be limited to a max of 2 decks per customer per order – in order to best be able to sh


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