About us

Hello and welcome to the website for my company: the One Sixth Scale King.

My name is Robin, and in 2000 I began making some WWII cigarette packs for my youngest son’s collection of 1:6 figures, depicting US Army soldiers from WWII and the present. Soon after, upon the urging of some friends, I began selling the WWII Camel and Lucky Strike cigarette packs I had created, on ebay. So began the journey which led me and my small business to where it is today.


When I first began selling on ebay in 2001, I used the ID “VetsofsmallRwars”, selling just a few popular WWII US cigarette packs. My first thoughts of expanding my product line was to add other US cigarette brands from WWII, as well as cigarettes from other Allied and Axis combatants – I just never realized there were so many!

After re-creating, in 1:6 miniature, cigarette packs of over 100 different brands from the US and around the world, my ebay name changed to “The Cigarette Shop” and I had created my own website. But within a year or so, the website became too small as I continued to expand the number of my products.


On the suggestion of others, I began to look into the possibility of making other types of products. The obvious first thought was for cigarette cartons. Soon, cartons led to magazines, which led to manuals, which led to ration items, which led to medic supplies, and so on and so on, until being “The Cigarette Shop” was no longer apropos, and the “One Sixth Scale King” was born.

Until this time, most of my products were from the WWII era, but requests kept coming in from people looking for Vietnam era items, so I began researching items from the Vietnam War and other periods as well. Also, up to this time, my efforts were simply an extension of my hobby where I sold a few items every week and I never considered it becoming a full time job. But events in the real world would soon forced me to rethink my strategy and brought about big changes.


When I left the US Air Force in 1998, after 15 years of service as a scheduler of aircraft maintenance, I found employment in the automotive industry as a service advisor scheduling maintenance for the service department of the dealership. Over the years, I changed dealerships for advancement and became proficient at the position, but when the recession hit in the auto industry in the fall of 2008, I became a casualty. With a number of dealerships going under, I found myself to be just one of many looking for the same fewer and fewer positions. And after a period of looking for work at other dealerships, without much luck, I decided that I would control my future, and I put all my efforts into turning what was just a hobby into a business.

Working full-time from get up in the morning until mid-night or later most nights, seven days a week, I was able to expand my product line from the US Civil War up to the present, and added uniform accessories such as patches, armbands and the like. Then came flags, banners, guideons and pennants. As of today, I have over 3,000 items, and I continue to do the research and artwork to add still more.

Starting July of 2011, we are now able to accept credit cards upon checkout! If you have any questions, please contact me.


I owe a great measure of thanks to all of the customers who I have had the privilege of selling to over this journey, as well as all the friends I have made in the 1:6 community. You have all made this a great experience. As the years pass, I hope that both the list of friends and customers continue to grow in equal measure.

I hope to grow and expand the product lines and the eras they represent, to include: the Civil War, WWI, WWII, the Korean War, Vietnam, and the present day, to include all combatant countries – as well as taking custom orders to create the items my customers can’t find anywhere else.

I will work to continue to provide the widest variety, of the finest, most unique accessories and diorama supplies for the 1:6 scale modeling and collecting community, with my goal being to be the number one independent 1:6 scale accessory provider, and to be known around the world for the diversity of my product line and the quality of the items I create.

On that, you have my word.