MAGA, American Patriot, Pro-Trump Desktop Flags (3 styles available)

MAGA, American Patriot, Pro-Trump Desktop Flags (3 styles available)




Here’s a product for all of the Trump supporters and true American, Freedom Loving Patriots:  We’ve taken the 3 most popular Pro Trump-Anti Biden full sized flags available and scaled them down to 3.5 inches by approximately 6 inches, with a sleeved spine to fit a 3/16 inch diameter by 8 inch long dowel (included with each flag).

These are printed on 100% cotton fabrtic, hand cut with the edges hand painted and with a sleeved spine securely glued to the flag.  These are then sprayed with a clear acrylic to help them stay fresh looking – although they are NOT intended for prolonged outdoor use.  They are also machine washable.

The image shows our 3 different designs, though the price is the price for ONE flag (the US quarter in the picture is for scale only and is NOT included in your purchase).

The three designs are:  TRUMP WON, F&CK BIDEN and LET’S GO BRANDON

When ordering PLEASE specify which flag/flags you would like.  If you chose to purchase 2 flags the price would be $10.25 per flag and if you purchase 3 or more the price would be $9.99 per flag (the discount would be in the form of a refund to you after the purchase is made and payment received).

Note:  we can design ANY flag you want up to 6.75 inches by 10.5 inches.  However, we will not make any anti-God or anti-American flag, for any price – and if you want a pro-Biden flag, I’m sorry we can’t make those either as we wouldn’t feel right taking money from people who are obviously mentally unstable.