1:6 scale “Sons of Anarchy” Member Strip Set; 1

1:6 scale “Sons of Anarchy” Member Strip Set; 1




Here’s our “Sons of Anarchy” TV Series Jacket/Vest member strip set. Because of confusion in the wording of the listing, whereas you had to specify which ONE strip you were purchasing, I have had to change this to a lot of all seven strips

Here is the original listing:

“There are seven different strips shown and this listing is for 1 (one). Please specify which one or which ones you need when placing an order.”

I guess that was too vague 🙂

All are printed on 100% cotton, come pre-cut with the edges painted to help prevent fraying. These patches can be adhered to your figure’s jacket or vest using a quality fabric adhesive. We use and recommend a product by Beacon Adhesives called, “Fabri-Tac, available at craft supply stores and on their own website: www.beaconcreates.com


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